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Empower customers and employees

  • Custom made platform to empower employees and customers
  • Personalize internal and external process
  • Apply prebuilt theme to reflect your identity

Create secure communications

  • Integrate your data using Salesforce APIs and Salesforce datastore from external sources
  • Centralize customer information, case resolution & knowledge base

Provide seamless integration experiences

  • Access Salesforce tools using mobile devices
  • Build stronger relationships with a single source of truth
  • Engage any audience with interactive sites, apps, and portals

Share best practices

  • Keep answers organized and accessible
  • Help customers find answers themselves, on their own terms and time frame

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Implementation process

In two weeks, be functional with your new CRM!

What’s included in your indiGO! Kit Experience Cloud

  • Internal Portal or Self-Service Customer Org Setup
  • Portal Setup and Portal Settings
  • Set Up Users, Custom Profiles/Permission Sets
  • Preparing existing Knowledge Base for external users
  • Create Customer Service, Account Portal, or Help Center Portal Template
  • Uploading Branding Assets (ie: Logo, Header Image, Color Scheme, Featured Topic, etc)
  • Login Page Setup
    ○ Topics Setup ○ Setup Search ○ Up to 3 Object Pages/Portal Pages
  • Administration: Member, Preferences and Standard Self Registration
  • Case Management/Case Deflection
  • Data Categories, Topics, Channels
  • Global Actions for Case Creation
  • Home Page/Nav Menu setup
  • Chatter Groups
  • 30-45 minutes in-depth analysis (up to 2 hours) – Counsel and/or additional work on standard features and related data migration

What can be added to your indiGO! Kit Experience Cloud

  • Knowledge Base Creation
  • Partner Portal or Employee Portal
  • Custom Lightning Components
  • Custom CSS & HTML for branding
  • Data Export, Data Extraction or Data Cleansing
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Apex Code/Visualforce Pages
  • Multi-Language
  • Data Loading Users
  • Recommendations
  • Advanced Training

Our indiGO! Kits form the foundations of your CRM.
At your request, we will be happy to assess the addition of “out of scope” elements (impacts, delays, costs, etc.)

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