Discover our indiGO! Kit Service Cloud

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Increase customer satisfaction

  • Support customer interactions on a centralized platform
  • Automate business processes with intelligent workflows
  • Get shared, actionable insight into every customer interaction
  • Enhance your customer service and speed up rate of response

Manage the receipt of requests

  • Automate case generation
  • Intelligent & dynamic case routing to agent queues
  • Auto send responses to customers
  • Elevate your call center management with smart productivity tools

Maximize productivity

  • Send standardized communication using email template
  • Supercharge case management with a 360 customer view in a single Service Agent Console
  • Find key insights with Reports & Dashboard (Analytic & Operation)
  • Automate custom actions

Optimize agent

  • Automatically route cases to the most appropriate available employee
  • Case Escalation
  • Prioritize cases (work)

Let’s GO!

Take flight and migrate to the Cloud with our indiGO! Kit Service Cloud

Let's GO!

Implementation process

In two weeks, be functional with your new CRM!

What’s included in your indiGO! Kit Service Cloud:

  • Configure a Profile and Custom Users
  • Configure and customize accounts, contacts and cases
  • Configure the service console
  • Consulting/guidance for data migration, omnichannel and knowledge
  • 3 standardized quick actions
  • 3 Case queues and case routing/allocation rules
  • 3 Case escalation and automatic response rules
  • 3 email templates
  • 3 Case record types
  • Configure Web-to-case and Email-to-case (configuration only)
  • 1 Macro (Case Closure)
  • Cloud Service Custom Reports and Dashboards
  • 30-45 minutes in-depth analysis (up to 2 hours) – Counsel and/or additional work on standard features and related data migration

What can be added to your indiGO! Kit Service Cloud:

  • Advanced Training
  • Third party solutions & Integrations
  • SLA Tracker (Entitlements & Milestones)
  • Custom code (for example, triggers or Apex code, custom components)
  • Complete data migration
  • Complete knowledge and omnichannel setup
  • CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)
  • Chat and SMS channel

Our indiGO! Kits form the foundations of your CRM.
At your request, we will be happy to assess the addition of “out of scope” elements (impacts, delays, costs, etc.)

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