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Complete your work environment with a growing Cloud ERP solution!

If you’re already using Office 365 and the Teams tool to collaborate with your teams, now is the time to use Dynamics 365 Business Central to efficiently and remotely manage your business.

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Using a Cloud ERP is now part of the new normality of business.

The Business Central solution gives you all the modules you need to manage your business from the Cloud to make it more efficient and resilient to competition and bad weather of all kinds.

AZUR Innova, your partner...

Azur Innova’s experts have the advantage of developing web software for more than 20 years. We use the best ERP experts in the industry to make your project a great success.

… In the stages of your Cloud ERP project

We work with your team to assess your business needs, we design a service offer that includes the project plan, costs and implementation times, customization efforts, delivery steps of the solution and finally support for it thereafter.

Our specialty

Personalizing your Business Central instance in Agile.
Deploy a complete solution that makes your business unique and even more competitive with domestic and international markets.

Business Central software customization methods:

  • Adjust your instance features using AL language
  • Expand your instance with PaaS tools such as Power App, Power BI and Power Automation
  • Develop Angular and .NET reactive applications to integrate your specialized processes into your instance
  • Add our PSA MyriadApp module to optimize your instance

Benefits of a Cloud ERP solution

The Business Central solution aims to harness the power of a set of business Cloud solutions to transform your business and drive employee performance.
It is a true SaaS solution accessible via a browser that provides access to a complete Cloud ERP for businesses ready to embrace digital transformation.

Here are 5 benefits of a Cloud ERP solution.

1. Quick and easy update

By migrating to the Cloud, you use a solution that will be updated automatically for your employees. Monthly user costs are affordable and flexible. It significantly reduces the work required for upgrades. Updates are simply digitally pushed at night to all of your users’ licenses. They are immediately ready to benefit from the latest improvements, instead of being installed one machine at a time by your IT specialists. The problems of time and effort are almost completely neutralized.

2. Flexibility-Customization

Easily adjustable to your needs, we can help you improve functionality while explaining the costs involved. Depending on the case that will match your needs for extension, adjustment, a solution will be quickly found and implemented thanks to the responsiveness of Cloud tools.

3. Accessibility

Cloud-based management and operations tools give you access to your data anytime, anywhere. This mobility gives you and your employees flexibility to do your respective tasks both from home and in the office. With this easy and secure access, you can offer your employees to telecommute while starting to reduce the number of workstations in the office, or even find a more situation-appropriate space to save more.

4. Collaborative tool

Cloud tools, because of their intuitive and responsive aspect, facilitate individual and collective performance, increase productivity and reduce business costs. Automating some repetitive tasks, such as data entry, frees up time that employees can then devote to their projects. Teams can also simply share data, collaborate and develop projects no matter where everyone is, in the office or at home. Once again, features can be added to your Cloud solution to best suit your needs.

5. Sustainability and security of your data

Migrating to the Cloud means making sure you keep your data safe. On the Cloud, data storage is automated with particularly high security measures and they are protected from the security mechanisms of the Microsoft platform, which greatly limits the risk of data theft.

Use a booming Cloud ERP to ensure business continuity

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