MyriadApp is an Add-on module that expands the existing experience and functionality of Dynamics 365 Business Central. MyriadApp is designed to improve business central’s professional services automation functions and more.

MyriadApp’s features are designed using extensions developped with AL language and PaaS tools from Microsoft’s Power Platform. MyriadApp is then released via Microsoft’s AppSource site, as pre-developed and configurable applications that can be integrated into individual customer environments using Dynamics 365 Business Central.

A growing set of features…

AZUR Innova offers the scalable MyriadApp software, which accelerates the creation of bespoke cloud software for the Dynamics 365 Business Central platform. Basically, MyriadApp offers professional services automation (PSA) functions. Including the following functions:

With our team of experts, these functions and objects allow you to very quickly develop a myriad of additional services for your business on the Dynamics 365 Business Central platform. MyriadApp therefore becomes software that centralizes all the management activities of your departments and integrates with your sales, accounting and human resources management systems.

Implement a Cloud ERP to remotely manage accounting and operations

Ensuring continuity of business management at all times and remotely through a Cloud approach has become essential to the efficient operation of businesses. Your digital transformation will make you benefit from software and collaboration platforms that are accessible quickly and securely. A Cloud work structure will ensure the robustness of your business, despite the hazards that can impact your business.

Have confidence in innovation and its ability to make yourself more independent and efficient. Like us, you can implement business solutions by combining the power of several renowned Cloud platforms such as Salesforce, Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC). For example, we have built the functions of a Professional Service Automation (PSA) around the D365BC core.


Our project consisted in migrating our Sage accounting system to a new online version, so we opted for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC) Cloud accounting software. We also had to define how to follow the customer relationship, initiate a new project, plan resources, ensure the capture and quality of timesheets, calculate income and expenses in salary, invoice hours per project, illustrate profitability by program , by project and even by resource while targeting an optimal allocation rate of around 88%.
Finally, we wanted to have effective communication links between all of our Cloud systems to optimize our business and make our company capable of competing worldwide.


First, the analysis of the optimal customer journey made it possible to define our needs and specify the requirements and deliverables for each type of persona so that the results are satisfactory for our employees and our customers.

Second, we implemented our business solutions by combining the power of several renowned Cloud platforms such as Salesforce, Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC). To support many of our online business processes, we have built the functions of Professional Service Automation (PSA) around the D365BC kernel.

We have therefore developed the PSA MyriadApp tool to optimize our professional services and integrate them with our new HR system (Collage) and payroll (Ceridian).
To be competent, we used Microsoft’s Power Platform to automate and integrate our D365BC processes, our dashboards (PowerBI), our Salesforce CRM, the Office 365 suite and the marketing tool Stent. The AL programming language offered by D365BC also allows customize interfaces, processes and reports to meet our specific needs.


The transition from our desktop management applications to D365BC has created a significant improvement for the management of business operations, providing access to more functionality and creating dashboards with a strategic overview that can also refine on a detailed view of all our projects.

Using our new PSA MyriadApp, we have automated several functions vital to the management of our operations by augmenting and optimizing the basic functions of D365BC.

In the end, we managed in less than 6 months to automate our business processes via Cloud solutions that work together to serve our employees and customers more efficiently from anywhere and anytime!

Some key-figures

  • 7 processes to digitize
    • Marketing management
    • Sales management
    • Operations
    • R&D
    • Employee development and satisfaction
    • Pay
    • Accounting
  • 6 months to complete the project
  • 85 employees to satisfy
  • 25+ clients to support