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How were indiGO! Kits born 

The color identified with our company has always been azure blue.

Our company has been working on the Cloud for over 20 years, so an intuitive association with the sky. As a Cloud partner who facilitates complex technologies to help businesses scale and thrive, we are excited to present you with starting solutions for a successful digital transformation.

In order to guide companies to take the leap and start their migration of legacy tools and systems to the Cloud, the indigo passerine with colors reminiscent of the sky and which guides its migratory movements thanks to the stars inspired us to name our starting solutions.

To help you take the leap from the first flight to the Cloud, we have spawned indiGO! Kits for a smooth migration guided by our brilliant team.

Let’s GO!

Take flight and migrate to the Cloud with one of our indiGO! Kits today

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Take off in less than three weeks!

Accompanied by experts through controlled change, a smooth transition and minimal change management, benefit from a solution allowing use and profitability in record time. No need to wait months to learn this solution.

A light investment to facilitate your migration.

The agility of a low budget solution that will win everyone’s approval while demonstrating a return on your investment to grow with the seasons. Take action quickly without the need to get big budgets approved.

A solution that grows with your business.

Start with a kit that will contain the essentials necessary for your first few wings, a solid foundation that you will grow according to your appetite and your transformation needs over the months and years.

To try it is to adopt it !

If you are hesitant to take all your teams to the cloud, the kits are ideal for demonstrating fast and effective results to build your success.

Our indiGO! Kits 

For some time now, for both employees and decision-makers, the need for real-time visibility into your operations and customers has led you to consider various technological solutions.

You are on the way to realizing your vision and implementing a Cloud solution. Whether it is for your Sales team, Customer Service or to allow smoother communications between different internal and external teams, your needs will be met by one of our indiGO! Kits .