Manage all your customer relationships via the Cloud

Simplify your processes, make smarter decisions and accelerate your growth with Salesforce apps

CRM Module – Customer Relationship Management

Providing a CRM is the first step in a strong digital transformation of your business. As the leading CRM system, Salesforce can accelerate and increase your company’s sales, retain customers and develop your marketing capabilities.

AZUR Innova can help you expand the Salesforce CRM and its various modules to streamline business processes and maximize your services and solutions. The effective integration of Salesforce with your internal business systems – such as ERP, custom applications and databases – is essential for sales teams, enabling revenue growth and better customer service.

Sales and Service Cloud Module – Customer Satisfaction, Our First Concern

This solution helps you deliver personalized services quickly, while remaining adjustable to best satisfy your customers and the growth of the business. This tool will allow your managers to provide adequate responses in a respectable time frame, you will also be able to monitor your customers’ progress through an optimal service platform.

Marketing Module (Pardot) – Generating and converting leads through marketing automation

This marketing automation solution allows you to quickly generate and register leads on your platform, so they become potential customers. You can also achieve these leads by preparing targeted and personalized campaigns and thus follow every step of your target’s journey, from its first to its last click, to optimize and develop your next campaigns.

Find out more about Salesforce Pardot > Module – A Guide to Preparing for Return to the Office is designed as a guide offering a range of interdisciplinary actions (resource rotation, employee wellness monitoring, security measures, accommodation adjustment, etc.), these will allow you to optimize your operations safely and in real time, whether you are already a user of Salesforce solutions or not. Several services, including Workplace Command Center, have been developed to best meet existing needs, such as the employee wellness assessment tool and the shift management and planning tool.

Portal Module (Community Cloud) – Collaboration and connection at the heart of our values

This platform provides access to tools to create a link of support and exchanges between customers, partners and employees. Thanks to these interactions, you will always be able to improve your services and thus offer an even more suitable offer. Customizable and optimized for mobile, with scalable models and no coding required, this collaboration tool integrates CRM Salesforce data – opportunities, activities, prospects – to meet your company’s specific needs. 

Business Intelligence and Analytics (Table and Einstein Analytics) – Boosting Productivity and Profitability

These features free up time for managers by automating processes and gathering lead and business data to best predict potential sales. Based on your history, these tools discover patterns that highlight the prospects most likely to do business with you.