Agile modernization and development of your Cloud software

Our customers often choose to customize or extend their industry software packages to better meet their business needs. The tailor-made development of Cloud software allows our customers to offer solutions that are better suited to their customers. This activity results in the design of their own applications in order to stand out from the competition.

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Agile Methodology

Our process takes place in the following 3 phases

Phase 1: Quick prototyping of your Cloud Software

This initial step is crucial because it allows us to quickly present a functional prototype to your stakeholders that conforms to their vision. We will also be able to demonstrate our expertise and our ability to develop your software. You will be able to familiarize yourself with the Cloud technologies suggested for your project.

Phase 2: Project Scope Definition (1-4 weeks)

At this stage, we improve the prototype with stakeholders to cover all the major project requirements. Together, we evaluate key user stories to clarify the scope, duration and costs of the project. In collaboration with your team, we deliver a proposal, a schedule, and a reusable functional software prototype for Phase 3.

Phase 3: Agile Cloud Software Development (X sprints, 2-4 weeks each)

The project is started, and the software is built with your team from the user stories with the highest value first. Your business users can validate the quality of the software features developed at each iteration. Each iteration is billed independently to ensure optimal delivery of the software.

Modern Software Analysis Techniques

Our multidisciplinary teams will lead, with your team, remote workshops (Teams, Zoom, etc.) to quickly converge on Cloud solutions that will meet your business needs and optimize your operations.

Cloud application examples

User Portal

Administrative Applications

Dashboard using BI and AI